Waterkeepers Canada: The future of clean water in Canada

In many ways, Waterkeeper groups in Canada are working towards a future where we can all safely swim, drink and fish. Here are some of our accomplishments to date:

  • 140,000 fewer plastic water bottles sold and landfilled in the Ottawa area
  • Hundreds of beaches monitored for contaminants coast to coast
  • Gates opened on the Petitcodiac River to restore fish populations after 40 years of habitat destruction.
  • Over 50 formal submissions prepared on important local, provincial and federal water issues from British Columbia to Newfoundland.
  • At least 100 law students mentored in Environmental Law and water justice
  • Thousands of kilometres of Canadian waterways patrolled and monitored for pollution
  • Worked with hundreds of communities on water issues from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean and everything in between.
  • Got fish kills in Lake Ontario reduced by millions of fish, eggs and larvae every year.
  • Stopped major polluters from contaminating your water in nine of Canada's major watersheds.

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